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Essential Oils - One Of The Most Powerful Medicine Almost Forgotten

Essentials oils are not new things to humanity. Widely used as a medicine by many civilisations including our Muslims Civilisation.

According to many narrations, Rasulullah never ever rejected scents/perfumes/attar whenever he was offered any. (Those days human beings had not invented adulterated attar. Non alcoholic attar is a new phoneme. It is totally harmful.)

We can easily conclude that Rasulullah never used used any chemical perfumes/attar/scents or whatever name we use. It was basically natural and chemical free. Especially he applied the best available one when he was doing tawaaf.

Ibni Sina(Avicenna) was the first one who distilled rose essential oil. He contributed many innovations to distillation technics.

Unfortunately, essential oil,one of the most powerful medicine in human history, is almost forgotten especially by Muslims.

I hope that we can contribute to revive the forgotten treasure of humanity. I think that it is forgotten Sunnah to use the pure and chemical free attar(essential oils). As we know that whoever revive any forgotten Sunnah, he/she will be granted a reward of hundred shahid(martyrs).

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